Who Participates?

Since its creation in 1977, tens of thousands of people have participated in The Samurai Game® around the world.

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People participate in The Samurai Game® for many reasons.

Individuals generally participate in The Samurai Game® to expand their self-awareness, cultivate new leadership skills, and gain greater clarity about their personal beliefs and habit patterns that may be limiting their performance and well-being. 

The Samurai Game® may be offered as a standalone one-day, two-day, or three-day program, as included as part of a larger program offered by individual facilitators or personal development training programs.

The Samurai Game® presents a series of unpredictable and fascinating scenarios that reflect the pressures and challenges of the fast-paced business climate, complex organizational dynamics and politics, competition, and everyday family and personal life. It invites participants to honestly observe themselves and reflect on fundamental questions, such as…

  • To what degree am I willing to act decisively and with integrity to get the results I seek?
  • Upon what principles and core values do I stake my life and success?
  • How well do I function in the face of uncertainty and pressure?
  • How can I become more effective in dealing with conflict, chaos, and change?

Leadership and cross-functional teams participate in The Samurai Game® to deepen their collaborative performance, leadership effectiveness, teamwork, and organizational alignment.

In participating in the Game, team members get to experience themselves and each other in a radically different setting from their everyday work lives. In this different setting, they can become aware of many of the habitual ways of thinking and behaving that limit their leadership performance.

They are also introduced to potent new performance practices while sharing an intense and challenging experience that forges strong bonds and serves as a reference point for continued learning together.

Would the participation of our boss or senior leaders inhibit folks in our organization from participating fully?

This is a common concern. The simple answer is that Yes, the presence of “the boss” can influence some people’s experience in The Samurai Game®. For precisely this reason, we have strategies for helping to minimize this potential interference and ensure that the boss or leader(s) role in the Game is at a similar level to the other participants. This provides opportunities for everyone else to participate freely and autonomously, and for those who may not be leaders in the team or organization to assume and express their leadership in The Samurai Game®.  Your certified Samurai Game® Facilitator can tell more about how this works.

The Samurai Game® is NOT an Assessment Tool. We strongly discourage leaders and teams from using The Samurai Game® as a tool for assessing individual performance. Using The Samurai Game® as an assessment tool runs counter to the intent of The Samurai Game®, and would likely hinder individuals’ reflection, risk-taking, and practicing of new, non-habitual behaviors. In other words, it could inhibit the powerful individual learning that is at the heart of The Samurai Game®.

Thousands of young people around the world have participated in The Samurai Game® through school-sponsored or private educational programs.

Generally, youth aged 14 years or older can participate in The Samurai Game®, but this is subject to the Samurai Game Facilitator’s discretion. Youth under 14 years old may be allowed to participate with parent or guardian permission, and/or if accompanied by an adult. 

Participation in The Samurai Game® is always at the Facilitator’s discretion.

The Samurai Game® is frequently offered in universities as part of undergraduate programs, MBA, or Leadership programs. Faculty groups and leadership teams within higher education have also participated in The Samurai Game®.

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