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What Participants Say
Very empowering

“Very empowering. It assisted me to revisit leadership concepts and perspectives with which I am very familiar – but in a fresh and clear way. It also provided a number of openings for me to understand how to improve my listening and communications skills. What I learned in this one weekend about my abilities as a leader would have taken me years to learn. It will stay with me always."

C. A. Gonzalez , H.R. Manager, Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority
The BEST experience

“This was the BEST experience I have had at University of San Francisco. There are so many things I took away. Here are a few:

A much more complete and realistic perspective about leadership;

A clear understanding of areas I need to work on to become a better person/leader; and

A great opportunity to experience close connections with a diversified group of people.”

C. Douglas , MBA, University of San Francisco Alumna
See them with different eyes

“For me as a leader during The Samurai Game I saw many of my employees from a new viewpoint.  I had the opportunity to see them with different eyes, and be fully present to their personal qualities.  For my staff this was another step towards interoperability and corporate unity.”

V. Bazian , CEO, Escort Oil Gas Petrochemical, Rustov-on-Don, Russia
Develop an awareness

“It allowed me to develop an awareness of what is going on right now in my life and be accountable and responsible so that I can redirect my actions.”

B. Dvorak , Attorney
Experience of self, personal power and life

“The Samurai Game gives one an experience of self, personal power and life that is so important and needed … and one that most people have never taken the time to see.”

J. Gair , Owner, JM Gair & Associates

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