The new Facilitator Agreement applies to all Facilitators renewing their certification in 2024 and after.  The new Facilitator Agreement has several important changes, including:

Agreement Paragraph 3 – (Certification and renewal requirements)

Agreement Paragraph 5 – (Participant Survey)

Overall – the new Facilitator Agreement has been made easier to navigate with clear headings for each major provision and simplified language.

PHASE-IN PERIOD FOR THE NEW FACILITATOR AGREEMENT. There will be a phase-in period through 2026 for renewing facilitators with certification expiration dates between January 2024 and December 2026. This will provide sufficient time to fulfill the new renewal requirements without losing their certification.

WHAT THIS MEANS: If you renew your Facilitation Agreement before December 31, 2026, you will have a two-year interim certification period during which time you must fulfill the new Renewal Requirements outlined above (and in the new Facilitator Agreement).

Once you fulfill the new renewal requirements, your next certification period will be SEVEN (7) years.

Example: If your certification expires on September 1, 2024, you will sign the new Facilitator Agreement on that date for a period of two years, until August 31, 2026. If you then fulfill the new renewal requirements on June 1, 2026, you will be offered a new Facilitator Agreement with the full seven-year term, commencing June 1, 2026, and expiring on May 31, 2033).


These changes to the Facilitator Agreement and Renewal Requirements aim to ensure the consistent quality and integrity of the Samurai Game worldwide. With more Facilitators delivering the Game in various settings, it has become increasingly difficult to monitor the consistency and quality of the Game. This more rigorous continuing education and assessment process will help to ensure that participants of the Game experience it as George Leonard intended it and as Samurai Game Associates instructs Facilitators. These changes will benefit everyone by ensuring a safe, high-quality, and consistent delivery of The Samurai Game® worldwide.

The Trust and SGA recognize that these new renewal requirements represent a significant change from past policies.  We firmly believe, however, that these changes will benefit everyone—Samurai Game participants around the world, and other Samurai Game Facilitators—by ensuring a safe, high-quality, and consistent delivery of The Samurai Game®.

The new minimum number of Games to be delivered recognizes the fact that being an effective Facilitator of The Samurai Game® requires ongoing practice.

There is a lot to remember and it’s easy to forget things if you’re not delivering the Game on a regular basis. The Trust and SGA are committed to ensuring that all certified Facilitators are “keeping current” and are prepared to deliver a safe and effective Game at all times.

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