Lance Giroux

My first experience with youth was 4 years repeatedly with Alan Vann Gardner – at that time vice-principal of a private middle school in California who asked me to deliver for 7th grader students as part of their required curriculum. Alan prepped the students well before the deliveries. They already had Japanese studies in class, i.e. they knew about Daimyo, Clans, Shogun, etc. When they showed up they all were prepared with “statements of dedication” they had written, i.e. who or what they were dedicating their day of TSG to. Prior to delivery we decided to drop the “ninja” role – as Alan said, “Most of them are already ninja”. Smart idea: kids at that age easily giggle. SO – consider this when you lead TSG w/youth… drop “ninja” OR use only the command “ninja are free to spy” … and eliminate the ninja role of making mischief = trying to get the opponent to laugh or smile.

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