You may know of people who want to explore the possibility of becoming a certified facilitator. To provide information to these folks, we have scheduled an ongoing series of free informational webinars about the Facilitator Training Program (FTP). These webinars describe the process and experience of the FTP and are an opportunity for people to ask questions and get to know the FTP Instructors.

Please click here to see the calendar of events on the Samurai Game website, where these free webinars are listed. Folks can register for the seminar here:

Our next FTPs are scheduled for July 29-Aug 8 in the Dominican Republic and September 20-30 in Kuala Lumpur, this year.

The good news is that certified facilitators will receive USD500 for each candidate they refer to the FTP who is accepted for enrollment. As a Facilitator, you too are invited to attend these Informational Webinars, which may help you describe the FTP process in more detail.

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