Samurai Game Rotterdam

Date and time:
April 21, 2018 to April 21, 2018

Lawrence Warry
Registration Contact:
Participant Fee:
75 eur (VIP price) / 150 eur
Type of Event:
Event Language:
George Gershwinlaan.139

Improve the quality of your life and make friends whilst doing it. Book your agenda! Saturday 21st of April, 12:00 - 18:00 at Feminity, Delftweg. 127, ROTTERDAM. WhatsApp Lawrence on +31 624603343 to join! With the group formed, we'll set an extra date to process the experience at a later time shortly after the day of the game. Did you always want to be a Samurai? Now you can learn the beautiful Samurai philosophy over your own life and learn how to be a good leader! Distinguished guests get a 50% discount. Contact Lawrence John Warry in order to find out how to become a distinguished guest and order tickets. The Samurai Game®, A ‘Seriously’ Fun and Unique Way to Develop yourself in a group. Price €150. Send private message to discover how to get a super deal VIP price. Participants of all walks of life come to these public games and new people come often not knowing what they are getting into. It does require a certain level of trust to step over the line of curiosity and discovery to try the game. We are also discovering that previous players are coming back for a new experience and we notice that not one game experience is the same as the other therefore making each time one joins a unique occasion. The Samurai Game® is powerfully effective to reach those goals. At the core of this fun game are some serious principles of Jungian psychology which build a foundation to provide the potential for a transformational process to the individual. Before becoming a Samurai Game facilitator, Lawrence had a lengthy background as a martial arts instructor (namely, the martial art of Aikido, in which he is a 4th dan instructor). Each event is organised with the highest safety standards taken into consideration. Although the games involve one-on-one challenges between individuals of two teams, the challenges are never physically damaging and people of all fitness levels may join. The games require the minimum of equipment and the maximum of your inner resource of courage and strength to face up to the challenges. The challenges are designed to prompt people to (amongst other things): reflect on how they respond to stress; face the dilemma between (and develop the art of balancing) honour for the team and honour for the self; pay attention and be in the present moment. You can reach Lawrence John Warry on Facebook or via the website: or email: THE SEMINAR/WORKSHOP/PROGRAM CONTAINS A Copyrighted Simulation Owned By The Leonard Family Trust THE SAMURAI GAME® © 1977 George Leonard # TXu 1-626-797 International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved The trade name “The Samurai Game” holds US Trademark Registration #2,630,801

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