Samurai Game + Coaching, Amsterdam

Date and time:
February 2, 2019 to February 3, 2019

Lawrence Warry
Registration Contact:
Participant Fee:
200 eur (standard), 100 eur (modern warrior price)
Type of Event:
General public
Event Language:
Louise Wentstraat. 186

The Samurai Game is a powerful simulation method to gain awareness of your everyday patterns and discover what blocks your path to a fruitful and joyful life (about the samurai game: Together with this event we offer as a package both a Samurai Game experience delivered by Lawrence Warry in combination with a coaching group guidance under the supervision of Rosa Winkel. (For more info on Rosa: ) When the Samurai Game is combined with a follow-up 1on1 coaching program, a powerful transformation can take place. The basic price of our weekend event is €200,- When you want to continue a coaching program, the event offers you a free half hour 1on1 follow-up with Rosa to explore the next steps of your journey. THE SEMINAR/WORKSHOP/PROGRAM CONTAINS A Copyrighted Simulation Owned By The Leonard Family Trust THE SAMURAI GAME® © 1977 George Leonard # TXu 1-626-797 International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved The trades name “The Samurai Game” holds US Trademark Registration #2,630,801

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