Samurai Game Amsterdam

Date and time:
August 17, 2019 to August 18, 2019

Lawrence Warry
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Lawrence Warry
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150 eur pp
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General public
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Bluebirds Amsterdam
Louise Wentstraat 186

THE SAMURAI GAME®. The workshop brings a group of people together in a new world (the world of ancient feuding Japanese Samurai) wherein the group divides into two armies and does battle until one army is clearly defeated. At that point, there are some dramatic decisions to be made by the leaders of the armies! Battles of the Samurai Game® are non-violent and involve challenges in balance, skill and sometimes aesthetic prowess. When the war is over, participants step back in to the 21st century and evaluate their realizations and an opportunity for sharing/feedback about their realizations is provided. George Leonard, the creator of the Samurai Game®. The Samurai Game® was invented and founded in 1977 by the late George Burr Leonard († January 2010), senior aikido instructor and co-founding instructor of the Tamalpais Aikido dojo in Californian, veteran fighter pilot, modern thinker, philosopher and writer of several books, co-founder of the Esalen institute and one of the pioneers of the Human Potential movement and integral theory. As a veteran fighter pilot, Mr. Leonard looked for ways to realize the vividness of war as an education tool for living effectively and appreciating life in times of peace. Thereby, the Samurai Game® was created. What is a "Samurai" and why is it used as the theme if the game? The game uses the concept of the ancient Japanese Samurai as the central theme for participants to role-play. The choice of the Samurai as the main character stems from George Leonard's fascination for the martial arts and especially the deep rooted history of Japanese Bushido (the way of the warrior). For a person of normal modern civilization, the ancient Japanese Samurai may be conceived as a fantasy character far removed from the cultural foundations upon which society is built today. And yet, the ethics of Bushido were firmly grounded with well-defined ethics that the Samurai adhered to diligently. By role-playing this diligent martial character, the participant will notice effectively their own values and moral grounding and from where they are rooted. Therefore the Samurai's Bushido values form a solid litmus paper where we can understand our own lives with greater awareness how we face challenges and solve problems in life, at home and at work. For a further history of the Samurai and Bushido, it is recommended to read this excellent Wikipedia article: Benefits of the Samurai Game®. The Samurai Game® is an advantageous way of engaging in a transformational process. Transformation can be seen on both individual and group levels in many different ways. See section below ('How to make use of the Samurai Game®.') for some of the ways a transformation may be realized using the Samurai Game®. It is advantageous because it provides a deep and vivid awareness of our subconscious patterns. Such awareness arises when we notice ourselves carrying out our roles in the simulation of the samurai role-play and being subject to various triggers that will occur during the game. Unlike in normal life where we have a well conditioned protection mechanism for hiding our subconscious patterns (like habitual ways of ignoring or denying important connections with others or avoiding the very signals which will lead us to our personal growth), the Samurai Game® reveals those hidden, ignored, denied and avoided aspects and gives a safe space in which to explore how we would make better decisions and choices given another mindset. This benefit is achieved because the participant can fully play out their true character even when they are 'role-playing' Samurai in this safe space without fear of consequences or judgement that would have arisen had it been played out in real life. How to make use of the Samurai Game®. Just by way of example, we provide here below some scenarios which warrant an effective use of the Samurai Game®. I want to: 1) GLORIFY MY POTENTIAL I feel I’m at a crossroads in my life and I need guidance in order to decide my best next step. I need to identify my strengths and build on them. I need to identify my fears & insecurities, face them and transform them into confidence. 2) DEVELOP LEADERSHIP I’d like to improve on leading: a team / my family / my own life. I’d need to reveal my leadership potential and use it. I’m interested in being more assertive: I will learn how to achieve full respect and consideration from others. 3) IMPROVE COMMUNICATION I’d like to learn how to negotiate both my tasks and my rewards, in order to be content with my work and my employer. I need to learn how to express better my boundaries to others. I’d like to be more active in meetings, not only for my personal gain, but for the benefit of the team. I’d like to learn how to open up to others, while becoming more reliable listener as well. 4) GAIN AWARENESS I need to understand my behavioral responses to various triggers that cause me to be emotionally reactive. I need to understand what’s happening to me: physically / mentally / emotionally when I’m being confronted. I need to understand and accept other points of view that will open new perspectives over my own purpose in life. I need to be able to realize, when I’m emotionally triggered, and return to HERE and NOW. 5) MANAGE STRESS I want to wake up refreshed, body & mind, every single morning. I need to learn time management and how to handle the daily chores, keeping family, work and personal happiness in a stable balance. I’d like to be able to face critical & risky situations with calm, pragmatism and efficiency. 6) MAKE MEANINGFUL DECISIONS I’d like to define my / a new – purpose in life and learn how to focus on it, ignoring whatever is not serving me well. I’d like to clarify what is important in my life and learn how to take decisions accordingly The Venue. Bluebirds Studio is a beautiful space in the east of Amsterdam with all the necessary facilities to provide a great workshop. Each time we had the Samurai Game® at Bluebirds, we had an excellent event. We are confident that the same result will happen again. Schedule. The game takes place on the evening of Saturday 17th of August from 17:00-22:00. Turn up 30m before to settle in. The next day there is an important debrief not to be missed taking place 10:00 - 13:00. Price. 150 eur per person. Earlybird sign in before 31st of July for 25 eur discount. Contact Lawrence Warry (call or WhatsApp +31 624603343). Email: or See related Samurai Game® events and workshops on the website Facebook: Shinyu Body and Mind. THE SEMINAR/WORKSHOP/PROGRAM CONTAINS A Copyrighted Simulation Owned By The Leonard Family Trust THE SAMURAI GAME® © 1977 George Leonard # TXu 1-626-797 International Copyright Secured. All Rights Reserved The trades name “The Samurai Game” holds US Trademark Registration #2,630,801

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